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This board is designed for playing in New England waves with a kite. Whether you are searching for some wind swell on Lake Champlain or chasing some waves on the coast, this board will have your back. Starts at $635. 

  • 5'6"

  • 5'8"

  • 5'10"

  • Performance surfboard designed specifically with kite surfing in mind. 

  • Good all around board but excels when the waves have some power. 

  • Pivots quickly for tight turns in the pocket but also holds full rail carves. 

  • Lowered entry rocker for more glide through flat sections. 

  • Extra glass for durability but built to perform like a standard surfboard. 

  • Single concave 

  • Thruster fin setup. Futures fin boxes are stock. 


If you have any questions about what board would be best for you or if you are ready to pull the trigger, please fill out the form below.

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